Robbins Productions Inc.

A Chicago based Production Company


​​​​​​​No-nonsense video production solutions for your business challenges

  • Conceptualization
  • Scripting
  • Video and Still Production
  • Video Editorial
  • Brochure Design

Robbins Productions creates concise video messages that put your messages out there. Over the years we have produced, directed, and shot, national TV commercials, point of purchase videos, sales and instructional films, corporate image videos, fundraising videos, and still photographs. We take the time to listen to your goals and expectations. We familiarize ourselves with your branding strategy, and learn about your target audience. 

It’s not easy speaking in front of a camera.

We all have personal and organizational agendas that drive our every day performance. Unless the interviewee is a professional “on camera” talent, what is captured can often look stiff, uncomfortable, and less than honest.

Our process is designed to put the interviewee at ease, creating an interpersonal component reflecting the relationship between two people with similar goals.  Once our subject is no longer concerned about looking good or sounding foolish, they come across naturally, honest, and intelligent. This process may take a bit more time but the end result is well worth the effort.

Testimonial Video

Robbins Productions' primary focus is the design and timely execution of corporate communications and promotional pieces, with visual impact. Tailoring the specific corporate and project requirements, we accentuate each client’s message by integrating traditional video production techniques and cutting-edge digital technology. Our projects move people to think, to feel, to act.

We have found that although all forms of video are engaging and produce sales, testimonial videos are extremely successful.


Client/user testimonials increase the level of trust in a company or product.  Positioning the owner, employees, and clients as “Experts” puts a human face on a business, and allows you to showcase your expertise to a receptive audience. Our videos transform prospective customers into paying clients.